African Diasporic Community Graduates

African Diasporic 
Resource Center

The African diasporic Cultural Resource Center (AdCRC) educates, promotes, and encourages interaction and dialogue among the diverse ethnic groups within the African diasporic communities of UCSB. The center promotes cross-cultural learning and interaction amongst all ethnic groups. The AdCRC is an environment for students, staff, faculty and community members to develop an understanding of and appreciation for their African diasporic cultural identities. AdCRC staff strive to create and maintain a welcoming atmosphere for all to acquire knowledge in relation to the diversity of cultures within the African diaspora.

Black Student Engagement Program

The Black Student Engagement Program (BSEP) was launched in September 2016 as a student-led initiative of the Black Resource Committee, which is housed in the department of Student Affairs Academic Initiatives. The program aims to connect Black students with campus resources and to provide mentorship and academic support with the goal of facilitating an environment wherein students can thrive holistically in the university and beyond.

Black Resource Committee

Founded by VCSA Dr. Michael D. Young and Dr. Claudine Michel, the Black Resource Committee includes administrators, staff, students, and faculty who have shown a clear commitment to Black students. The ultimate goals of the committee will be to increase the enrollment and retention of the Black students at UCSB and to create an educational and social climate that supports their success.

Department of Black Studies

UCSB Offers a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Black Studies and a Minor in Black Studies. Students Who Graduate With a Degree in Black Studies May Work in the Fields of Education, Social Work, or Politics, and Many Pursue Graduate Degrees in Law and Medicine Among Other Disciplines. The Black Studies Faculty is Available to Students Who Are Pursuing Graduate Degrees in Other Departments on Topics Related to Black Studies. The Department of Black Studies is Located on the 3rd Floor of South Hall.

Center for Black Studies Research

From the onset of its establishment in the fall of 1969 as a result of student struggles for Black Studies in fall 1968, the aim of the CBSR has been to support interdisciplinary research on the social, political, historical, cultural, and economic experiences of communities in the United States and the African diaspora. The Center also aims to support several levels of university–community engagement.

Office of Black Student Development

The BSU Demands Team of 2019 tirelessly fought for the Office of Black Student Development  to be created. In their words, it was designed “to support the Black experience at UCSB.” The campus community has long awaited an office that creates a place of belonging for the Black community at UC Santa Barbara, and it is here!

The OBSD will consist of 8 staff working to support UCSB’s Black undergraduate and graduate student population. The OBSD provides resources, advocates for the community and helps create a positive learning environment for Black students.  In addition, it bolsters the academic success of Black students by building the sense of belonging envisioned by the BSU Demands Team. 

UC Santa Barbara Library: 
Black Studies Collection

The library’s Black Studies collection is located in the Ethnic and Gender Studies Collection (2nd floor, Ocean Side). It has a rich history dating back to student activism and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. The collection houses materials on a variety of topics related to Africa and the African diaspora in the United States and the Caribbean. Topics covered in the collection include anthropology, biography, music, theater, literature, and history.