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Featured Event

UCSB Middle East Ensemble Spring Concert

Saturday, June 1 | 7:30pm | Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall, UCSB

The UCSB Middle East Ensemble presents its formal Spring concert directed by Scott Marcus, with special guest dancers, Zia (who focuses on Greek dance), and Arturo (who focuses on Egyptian dance). The ensemble will also present an extended suite (a wasla) of traditional Arab music (instrumental and vocal), featuring Andrea Fishman, solo vocalist, and Greek and Azeri songs (Javid John Mosadeghi and Alexis Story Crawshaw, solo vocalists). Alexandra King will also bring a rousing group of dancers to perform a variety of Greek and Turkish dances.

Point of Pride

CMES Director Sherene Seikaly (History)


Has received a prestigious fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities. She will be working on her book From Baltimore to Beirut: On the Question of Palestine that charts the trajectory of her great-grandfather Naim Cotran (c. 1877-1961) from nineteenth century mobility across Baltimore and Sudan to twentieth century immobility in Lebanon. The book places the question of Palestine in a global history of race, capital, slavery, and dispossession.