Members of Agni promote awareness of, and exposure to South Asian classical art forms including, but not limited to: classical and semi-classical forms of music and dance. They facilitate cross-cultural artistic innovation in the form of fusion performances and provide a platform for new and continuing musicians to collaborate with other artists who come from similar traditions.


Dhadkan is a 501(c)(3) organization and community-driven think tank where leaders combine learned skills, energy, and passion for Indian culture to create a positive environment for minorities on campus, foster collaboration within surrounding communities, and empower underprivileged sectors across the world.


Chabad promotes Jewish life on campus and the surrounding areas.


This organization upholds culture, community, and service to spread awareness and appreciation of the diversity in South Asian cultures on campus, to form a space within campus to celebrate and share in South Asian culture, and to give back to our local and global communities through service.

Lebanese Social Club

The Lebanese Social Club is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious, and non-discriminatory organization aiming to celebrate the Lebanese culture here at UCSB.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

MSA is open to all who wish to attend, dedicated to increasing understanding of Islam and Muslims. MSA is a forum for Muslim students to meet and spend time together. The group is devoted to encouraging each other towards good (as individuals, as a society, practically and spiritually) and educating our student body on the diversity and beliefs in the Islamic religion.

Persian Student Group

The Persian Student Group at UCSB is a non-political, non-religious, voluntary student organization whose objective is to sponsor Persian social and cultural activities and events, to promote an understanding of Iranian culture, to help foster friendship among different cultural groups, and to provide a source of support and information in order to serve the needs and interests of a community of individuals who share a common appreciation for Persian culture and history.


UCSB's first and only South Asian Acapella group. This close-knit group performs original mash-ups of English songs with Indian songs of various languages, embracing the diverse musical and ethnic backgrounds of its members. Ravaani's goal is to make the a cappella experience fun, unique, and raw.

Santa Barbara Hillel

Santa Barbara Hillel enables students to connect with one another in a Jewish environment at their “Jewish Home Away From Home.” We offer a safe, welcoming, and pluralistic presence as a vibrant center of student life in Isla Vista. Santa Barbara Hillel is proactive in standing up for our students, building bridges, and fostering a positive campus climate. We are uniquely positioned to reach students at this formative time in their lives by providing them the tools they need as they create the Jewish future.

Sikh Student Association (SSA)

Members of the Sikh Student Association at UCSB establish to provide four main services to our members: Simran (Religious events), Seva (Community Service), Sangat (Social and Cultural events), and Academics.

South Asian Student Association

The purpose of this organization is to promote cultural awareness of the Southeast Asian community and to provide a safe and open space for students to express themselves in. Our main goal is to host an overnight youth conference for underprivileged high school students in California. In doing so, we hope to encourage and empower Southeast Asian youths to pursue higher education and to be more aware of community problems.


Taara is a competitive Bollywood fusion dance team that aims to showcase different dance styles fusing cultural and modern dance forms. Members want to raise cultural awareness and represent UCSB as they travel the United States sharing their passion with others.