Asian Resource Center

The ARC promotes education and awareness of the diverse ethnicities within the Asian American community. The center also provides a supportive environment to develop an appreciation for one’s identity.

East Asia Center (EAC)

Separate from the ARC, the East Asia Center organizes lectures and events on the culture, history, politics and societies of China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The center’s listserv keeps students updated on events, available fellowships and grants.

Education Abroad Program

EAP allows students to study abroad in one of 40 countries worldwide while earning course credit. There are program opportunities for every major, and lengths range from one quarter to one year.

The Department of Asian American Studies

The Department of Asian American Studies was one of the first departments in the U.S. devoted to the study of Asian Americans. Students learn to evaluate literature, analyze data and conduct original research on Asian American communities. 

East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies

The East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies Department is dedicated to the study of China, Japan and Korea. It offers bachelor’s degrees in Asian Studies, Chinese and Japanese and minors in Chinese and Japanese. Graduates go on to work in business, banking, law, diplomacy, public service, translation and more.